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U.S. Department of the Interior

Federal Funding for Crime Prevention and Improved Reentry
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U.S. Department of the Interior

The U.S. Department of the Interior uses sound science to manage and sustain America's lands, water, wildlife, and energy resources, while honoring our nation's responsibilities to tribal nations and advocating for America's island communities.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Justice Services

Within the Department's Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the Office of Justice Services (OJS) is responsible for the protection of lives, resources, and property which lies at the heart of the BIA's law enforcement effort. BIA-OJS fully supports the Secretary's ongoing commitment to safe and healthy Indian communities. Its main goal is to uphold the constitutional sovereignty of the Federally recognized Tribes and preserve peace within Indian country.

Tribal Diversion and Re-entry

In response to concerns from tribes, law enforcement, and tribal courts encountering unusually high rates of alcohol and drug related repeat offenders who are dominating the resources of the justice system, the BIA created the Diversion and Re-entry Division (DRD) to assist tribes with developing comprehensive alternatives to incarceration. DRD-funded initiatives seek to expand treatment options and ensure that justice, safety, alcohol and substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery issues remain a consistent focus in BIA efforts to effectively serve the needs of Tribal Nations.


Recidivism Reduction Initiative (RRI) 

A major focus of the DRD, the Recidivism Reduction Initiative (RRI) was funded to identify groups of individuals incarcerated at adult and juvenile detention facilities in Indian Country who are at high risk for relapse into criminal behavior. Once identified, OJS would intervene and follow-up with them post intervention for one year.


Tribal Justice Support Directorate

The Tribal Justice Support (TJS) Directorate provides guidance, technical support, and advisory services to tribal courts and Courts of Indian Offenses, including providing funding to tribal courts; training directed to specific needs of tribal court personnel; promoting cooperation and coordination among tribal justice systems and Federal and state judiciary systems; and providing oversight for the continuing operations for the Courts of Indian Offenses.

Additional reentry and justice-related funding from the Department of the Interior can be found in Grants.gov.